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Ultima Top Seal Product Line

Our line of Top Seal Vaults known as Ultima; combines advanced technology and time honored tradition to redefine the state of interment art. Sealed in the grave like a traditional vault, Ultima allows graveside services to proceed without interruption. This makes the Ultima extremely attractive to families and mourners, as well as the deathcare professionals who serve them.

Engineered to deliver unprecedented strength-to-weight makes Ultima safer to handle and inter in any weather conditions or cemetery terrain. The superior V-locking seal system seals out the elements for ultimate protection, providing the peace of mind that families expect.

Offering an entry level Basic Ultima in color-through black only. The Select is offered in color-through Grey or White. The Classic Ultima is available with a choice of copper, gold or silver highlights.

  • Modern Technology

  • Molded of Non-Biodegradable, Non-Porous Polypropylene for Performance

  • Measurable Difference in Strength

  • Seamless Construction

  • Sealed with Traditional Tongue and Groove concept with Special Butyl Seal

  • Choice of Colors

  • Warranted

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