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Memorial Marker Base

If you only offer your customers stone for mounting their memorial plaques, you are not covering all bases. You are missing the opportunity to present a lower price option that also will reduce your operating costs.

Light and durable Vantage Memorial Marker Bases offer the look of stone and a long list of advantages for the cemeterian. Multiple sizes utilizing standard flush bronze memorials. That option is a Vantage Memorial Base.

Like Vantage’s highly regarded burial vaults, Vantage Memorial Marker Bases are strong and durable. They will not crack, chip or break in normal use and when properly installed, will not be damaged by the passage of heavy cemetery equipment.

  • Purchase costs that allow you to offer memorials at a lower price

  • A fraction of the weight comparable of granite bases

  • Shipping via UPS or FedEx.

  • Easy to install; footing of sand or pea-gravel is all that is required

  • Custom-blended, high density, UV resistant polypropylene material

  • Realistically molded to match the appearance of granite

  • Non-porous and completely water resistant

  • 25 Year Warranty



Available Sizes:

28 x 17

28 x 18

48 x 18

62 x 16 Companion Marker Base

28 x 24 Lawn Crypt Marker Base


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