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Westlawn Installation - Gretna Louisanna

As a cemeterian, you are faced with two critical issues: quality and space. Your customers' demands for protection and peace of mind are higher than ever before. And, more than ever, the availability of space is becoming a finite resource. Both of these issues ultimately are the key to your bottom line.

Years of research and development has enabled Vantage to develop superior construction techniques that combine space age polymer blends with concrete and reinforced steel to create the best lawn crypt system available.

Vantage Lawn Crypt Systems utilize a unique shared wall system which allows up to 20% more crypts in the usable space. Our turn-key systems can also be completely installed in an average of 6-8 weeks, roughly 3 times faster than pre-cast or poured in place concrete crypts. This gives you more usable space, faster.

Vantage Lawn Crypts are amazingly resilient, repelling moisture, earth load and top weight like no other on the market. This enables you to reassure your customers with complete confidence in the product.

Vantage also gives flexibility in design, allowing you to use ground that may have been previously usable.

To further understand our Lawn Crypt System - view our cut-a-way detail here.


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