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Injection Molding


Vantage Products performs structural foam custom molding, utilizing two (2) Uniloy 2500 ton Multi-nozzle Low Pressure Structural Foam Molding Machines.


  • Structural Foam and Structural WEB Processes

  • Dual Extruders Per Machine: Allow More Flexibility and Efficiency with Materials

  • Maximum Part Capacity:  300 pounds

  • Process Control:  Electronic PLC Driven

  • Platen Size: 110” high x 200” wide Platens with 130” Maximum Opening. Allow Single Large Parts or Multiple Smaller Parts

  • Material Handling System: Microprocessor Controlled Dual-in-Line Blenders at Each Extruder

  • Material Storage: 700,000 Pounds with Additional Railcar Service and Storage

  • Mold Movement: 30,000 Pound Capacity Overhead Crane

  • In-house Part Design Consultation and Assistance

  • In-house Material Selection Consultation

  • Assembly and Sub-Assembly with Packaging to Customers Requirements

  • Painting or Highlighting Using PLC Controlled Robotics


Please contact us for additional specifications or questions about your specific molding needs.


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